Sunday, September 4, 2011

The best investment there is

John Bradshaw Layfield played a jerk on tv.

Hell, you could even make a case for him being a jerk in real life.  One thing you have to admit, though: JBL certainly has done a lot with his life.  In addition to being a championship wrestler, he's a TV commentator, a stock analyst, an energy drink mogul, and a financial advisor.

This last part is where I learned the most from Bradshaw, because I bought his book back in 2005.


That's right: a wrestler wrote a finance book!  This title taught me many useful items, including:

  • Only buy used cars
  • Make sure you have an emergency stash of money
  • Try to max out your 401k whenever you can (especially if your employer matches)
  • Invest more in stocks when you're younger, but invest in bonds later on in life
  • Diversify your stocks amongst different industries and nationalities so you're affected less by market shifts
All of these were great lessons to learn.  The best one I learned from this book, though, was that you shouldn't be tied up in one calling if you want to make a great life for yourself.  You should pursue many interests and develop as many skills as you can, because that way you'll be prepared for life transitions when you hit a wall.  Bradshaw himself did this when he retired from wrestling due to back troubles.  Because of his business and investment background, he wasn't in dire straits when his body gave out.  This is a lesson that at least one wrestler should have learned a long time ago.

This is why I'm never shy about spending money on my own education: my skill set and knowledge-base are the best things I can possibly invest in.  

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