Friday, July 1, 2011

Shooting Your Mouth Off

Okay.  My last entry was pretty mean.  I insulted people, and this is not a step in the Noble Eight-Fold Path.  But you know what?  That's how I felt at the time.

If you were watching WWE RAW on Monday, you probably saw another man use a public form to express his opinions:

That's CM Punk, and he's currently the most entertaining man in wrestling.  Why?  Because he takes the way he feels and makes compelling television.

This sneering straight-edge misanthrope is not the first pro-wrestling personality to use TV as a forum for airing grievances.  Check out this diabtribe from Pauley Heyman to Vince McMahon:

And here's one from famous redneck Stonecold Steve Austin:

This idea of taking your real-life problems and spitting them into the wind chamber of broadcast television is actually a regular thing in pro-wrestling.  It's called a "Shoot."  It plays off wrestling's blurry distinction between reality and fiction.  What's more, it's usually great entertainment.

That's why I wrote what I did on Monday: wrestling taught me that the best art is inspired by real emotion.  And, between you and me, I felt a lot better about everything afterward.  If anyone felt bad about what I said, I don't really care. So shoot me.  

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